Easter Bonanza!

9jch3345 posted Tue at 21:18
Easter celebrations a plenty!

Between 18th April and 21st April Stashcraft will be holding a mass egg hunt!

We will hide eggs all over the server for players to find.

There will be 3 rounds per day. Each round will have 3 tiers of egg to find: One in an easy location, one in a medium location and one in a hard location.

More information to follow!
MajikAlex normal chicken eggs in chests?


9jch3345 posted Apr 2, 14
So yesterdays post was an April Foools!

I'm not the owner and Naskel isnt going anywhere!

It's nice to know that if that ever happend I would have your support!

So just to confirm....Naskel is still the owner!

Hippeh <3
maiku41 @ StashCraft
I, for one, welcome our new.... wait, what?! The party's cancelled? What are we going to do with all this ale? ...
_Frosteh_ >April 1st >believing a thing on the internet wat
Holtey Dammit, I thought I finally rid of Him! I was going to help turn this into a Faction PvP server! So we would finally h ...

Big Announcement!

9jch3345 posted Apr 1, 14
Hello everyone,

I have some News on the future of the server.

As some of you may know Naskel is currently attending University and is studying hard. This means he has little or no time to work on the server. Naskel has made the sad desicion to give up Stashcraft as he does not want the players to suffer without an active owner.

After lengthy talks with Naskel and discussions with Admins regarding what this ment for stashcraft we have come up with a solution.

Of course none of us wanted Stashcraft to be offline permenantly. This meant that someone needed to take over.

I offered to purchase the server from Naskel to continue to run Stashcraft as is and late last night the sale was agreeed. That means that I now own Stashcraft and I am the new owner.

I will be sad to see Naskel go as he is a good friend of mine but I know he will keep in touch.

I hope the community continues to grow under my ownership and that everything continues to run smoothly

See you all soon

Holtey Faction PvP Server FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MajikAlex Thank you so much!!!! Will Naskel be back in the future?
Worldfrog Thank you, and congrats!
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